Handouts for Creating a Basic Web Page Using Netscape Composer 7.1
(that currently still work for Composer in Mozilla as well)

An Explanation of the difference between Netscape and Mozilla and why Composer is (so far) identical in both:
was created originally by Netscape (included with their browser).  That is the version that is loaded on every library and classroom machine on campus.  This is the version I, therefore, use to teach basic web editing (because it is a free download and requires no special set-up or license).
However, Netscape no longer supports Composer, and one can no longer download the program from the Netscape web site.  However, the company Mozilla took over Composer and now fully supports it as part of their Seamonkey suite.  It is basically still identical to the original Netscape version.  The editor – Composer – is the same.  Only the controlling entity has changed.

The Seamonkey suite may be downloaded from the Mozilla site at:  http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/

The following are links to Word document handouts.  When they are clicked on, your computer should open them up in MicrosSoft Word if your computer has Word installed.

Composer Tool Bar Overview

Creating a Table

Changing Font Type, Size, and Color

Making Links

Page Background and Colors

Publishing a web page
IMPORTANT WARNING!! This method of publishing a web page no longer works at the College of Charleston.  Because the I.E. ftp protocol is an unsecure way of transferring files, campus technology administrators have disabled this function on the College servers.  I suggest using the application "SecureFTP" to ftp files.  The free download for this application can be found at: http://www.cofc.edu/downloads under "Secure FTP Clients."

--Jared Seay
Page updated: 4/3/07